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Our business bill of sale is a one-page form that is given by the seller of a business to the buyer when the business is sold.

Usually it is attached to the business purchase and sale agreement which contains all information about the business being sold. (If you need both of these agreements together Click Here). Otherwise continue to buy only the business bill of sale form alone.

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Our attorney-drafted business bill of sale form contains the following terms:

  • Seller warrants the property and goods being sold do not have any liens or claims against the title, this includes intellectual property and commercial real estate if part of the sale.
  • Seller warrants they have the full right to sell and transfer the business and will defend against any claims otherwise.
  • Unlike most, our business bill of sale form includes a non-compete clause that restricts the seller from engaging in a similar business for a specific time period and specific distance from the business they sold.

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Business Bill of Sale

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