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We provide contracts to complete the sale of an entire business or just the assets of a business. Buy one document or a complete package of contracts and information.

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Our business sale documents were drafted by a licensed law firm to help you with selling a business. These contracts are valid in all states.

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Here is what you get with the Business Sale Contract Package:

1) Business Sale Contract: We provide you with an attorney-drafted business purchase and sale contract that has the following provisions:

  • Cash and bank accounts
  • Inventory
  • Accounts receivable
  • Assets, including furniture, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, land, and buildings
  • Publicly traded stock, securities, and certificate of deposits
  • Intangibles, intellectual property, and leasehold interests
  • Goodwill and going-concern value
  • Delivery of books and records
  • Trade name and telephone numbers
  • Non assumption of liabilities
  • Payment details
  • Representations and warranties by seller
  • Representations and warranties by buyer
  • Restrictive covenants and noncompete terms
  • Indemnification of the seller
  • Compliance with bulk sales law
  • General provisions
  • Costs and expenses
  • Default and arbitration
  • Closing

This business sale contract is thorough, flexible, and can be customized for your specific transaction. We also include a sample business sale contract that has been filled out by our attorney. This sample contract shows the actual details of the sale of a business and what a completed contract would look like.

2) Business Bill of Sale: On the day of closing, the seller must present the buyer with a bill of sale. You will receive an attorney-drafted business bill of sale with your order.

3) Our Guide, “How to Estimate the Value of Your Business”: This guide explains some of the standard business valuation methods used by business appraisers. This informative guide walks you through the step-by-step process of estimating the value of your business with simple examples.

4) Report on How to Sell a Business: There are several things that have to be done before, during, and after the sales process. Our nine-page report on selling a business and checklist will give you a review of the entire selling process and things that need to be done.

5) Confidentiality Agreement: Many times, business owners will let prospective buyers come in to discuss company earnings, vendors, and customer lists. The confidentiality agreement restricts potential buyers from legally disclosing this information to your competitors or others. It is also a great screening tool; it shows how interested the potential buyer really is. Say a potential buyer is unwilling to sign a confidentiality agreement. The most likely scenario is they are not interested in buying your business. They might be trying to get information to give to one of your competitors or use it to start their own business.

Need to establish a selling price for your business? See our Business Appraisal Software. For details, Click Here.

Here is what you get with our attorney-drafted business sale package:

  • Attorney-drafted business purchase and sale contract
  • Sample contract for purchase and sale of a business filled out
  • Attorney-drafted business bill of sale form
  • Guide to appraising your business
  • Nine-page report and checklist on selling a business
  • Confidentiality agreement

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