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Nonprofit Employee Handbook
and Policy Manual

Download a nonprofit employee handbook and policy manual today. Fully customizable and easy to edit.

Nonprofit organizations require a specific nonprofit employee handbook and policy manual.

Standard employee handbooks will not work for nonprofit organizations.



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Employment laws are complex, so having your nonprofit employee handbook, policy manual, and conflict of interest policy drafted by a licensed attorney makes good legal sense.

A common problem with nonprofit employee handbooks is that many of them are not drafted and updated by attorneys, resulting in a poorly drafted handbook. 

A poorly written or outdated nonprofit employee handbook increases the chances that the handbook will contain implied contracts, language that might change an employee’s employment classification, or worse.

Workplace lawsuits have exploded in the last decade. However, attorneys suggest there are some documents you can put in place to reduce the likelihood of employment disputes and lawsuits.

Good policies discourage workplace disputes. A nonprofit employee handbook is the foundation for documents that can protect your organization.

In addition to a nonprofit employee handbook, your organization should also have a separate conflict of interest policy that addresses potential conflicts of interest that may arise with officers and directors.

A separate conflict of interest policy may help in getting federal or state tax-exempt status, grants, or donations from certain individuals and organizations.  Therefore, a common practice for nonprofits is to adopt such a policy. All officers, directors, and committee members then review a copy and sign an acknowledgment each year. We include a separate six-page, attorney-drafted conflict of interest policy with our nonprofit employee handbook.

Click Here to see the table of contents and first 22 pages of our nonprofit employee handbook.

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Why Use Our Nonprofit Employee Handbook?

  • Drafted by licensed, practicing employment law attorneys.
  • Usable for both hourly and salaried employees.
  • Suitable for just about any nonprofit organization.
  • Our nonprofit employee handbook is used by other law firms.
  • Customizing and making changes are easy to make with any
    computer than can read Word documents.

We are the only company offering this nonprofit employee handbook.

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