Download an attorney-drafted real estate purchase and sale agreement for buying or selling residential real estate today. Our easily customizable purchase agreement can be used for residential real estate, town homes, and condominiums.

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Our real estate documents were drafted by a licensed attorney who is also a licensed real estate broker.

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There is no standard real estate purchase and sales agreement that will be perfect for all buyers and sellers. Usually buyers and sellers will edit the purchase and sale agreement for their particular situation.

Our attorney-drafted real estate purchase agreement is in a standard Word format and can be edited quickly and easily with almost any computer.

Offer to Purchase Real Estate Agreement

The offer to purchase real estate form is an “Offer and Acceptance Agreement Form” that is shorter than a standard real estate purchase agreement.

Most offer to purchase agreements are used as a preliminary agreement to define the basic terms of the buyer for the purchase of the real estate.

If the seller accepts the offer to purchase along with a deposit or “Earnest Money,” the buyer has the right to purchase the real estate for the agreed-up-on terms.

The offer to purchase form is simple and easy-to-use. The form is designed for making quick, efficient offers. Buyers can make an offer and get a faster response from the seller without spending time filling out a longer purchase agreement.

Once accepted, the buyer and seller will usually follow up with a more detailed real estate purchase agreement that defines the details of their transaction. However, some buyers may choose to use our three-page offer to purchase as a complete purchase agreement.

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

We also offer a high quality real estate purchase and sale agreement that was drafted by a licensed attorney with a real estate broker’s license.

Our 14-page agreement is designed for buyer’s and sellers looking for a thorough real estate agreement. This agreement contains the important details that a good real estate purchase and sale agreement should contain.

This attorney-drafted agreement contains provisions based on years of lawsuits and arguments in the courts, resulting in an agreement that will help minimize potential legal problems.

You will not find a higher quality real estate purchase agreement.

Below are Just Some of The Topics Covered in Our Purchase Agreements:

  • Deposits, escrow, financing, and insurance
  • Taxes, evidence of title, and liens
  • Existing mortgages
  • Joint escrow instructions
  • Property inspections including pests
  • Current survey, utilities
  • Environmental laws
  • Restrictions and easements
  • Default by seller or buyer
  • Risk of loss and maintenance of property
  • Leases (if the property is currently being leased)
  • Property inspection and guarantee
  • Possible pending litigation
  • Expenses for buyer and seller
  • Closing procedures, deliveries, and more.

You Can Edit All Our Real Estate Forms Quickly and Easily

Whether you are working with a real estate agent, attorney, or doing it yourself, we offer you a professional selection of real estate forms. You may purchase these forms individually or as a package.

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