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Great care should be taken when your company is considering employee screening procedures. In addition to federal requirements every state has its own specific laws and requirements when hiring new employees.

In some circumstances, employers can be held liable by third parties for negligent hiring and strictly liable for sexual harassment by supervisors. Therefore, employers who hire anyone using screening procedures risk liability for failure to perform due diligence on all applicants.

Employment laws are getting more complex. Violating employment laws has become easier to do, as shown by the large increase in employment lawsuits. Most business owners will face an employee lawsuit within a five-to-six-year period. The average dollar amount awarded employees for employment lawsuits is over $350,000.

Our attorney-drafted new hire package will show what you cannot do or say when hiring a new employee. It will list the hiring requirements for federal and state laws. And provide you with important employment documents and instructions from our attorney when you are hiring an employee.

This valuable information will reduce your chances of violating state and federal employment laws. We have specific information for all 50 states drafted by an experienced employment law attorney.

Some topics covered in our new hire package:

  • Federal hiring laws
  • State-specific hiring laws
  • Interview questions and advice
  • Discrimination laws
  • Disability
  • Immigration law compliance
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Genetic testing
  • Medical or psychological testing
  • New hire reporting
  • Labor and workplace posters
  • AIDS testing

Attorney-drafted and government forms included:

  • Offer of employment letter
  • Credit and background check notice for employee
  • Employee/employer confidentiality agreement
  • Employee arbitration agreement
  • Polygraph notice
  • Fair credit reporting act notice
  • Employment application
  • Instructions from our attorney when hiring employees.

These attorney-drafted documents were designed to protect employers when hiring new employees. We are the only company to offer this package.

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