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An employment offer letter is a formal written offer of employment to a prospective employee. When properly worded, it is helpful to you and the future employee. However, a poorly worded letter could open you up to legal problems.

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A professionally drafted employment offer letter is important to prevent unintended commitments that you as an employer may be held accountable for.

Since employers assume that they are hiring most new employees on an at-will basis, the last thing they want is a binding employment contract or, even worse, to end up in court trying to defend a poorly drafted employment offer letter.

These types of problems can be avoided by using an employment offer letter professionally drafted by an attorney experienced in employment law.

Our attorney-drafted employment offer letter covers these areas:

  • Compensation package
  • Salary or hourly pay
  • Vacation
  • At-will employment
  • Bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Benefits package
  • Employment relationship
  • Employment eligibility
  • Completion of required forms

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