Download an attorney-drafted noncompete agreement today for employees, independent contractors, consultants, and others. Included are complete attorney-drafted instructions.

No business owner wants to lose their hard-earned customers, clients, and end up fighting in court.

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Our noncompete agreements have been drafted by a licensed business and employment law attorney. Additional information and instructions are included with the noncompete agreements from the same attorney.

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Without a written agreement, you have only verbal promises to rely on, and protecting your customers from competitors or former employees based on verbal promises is almost impossible to do.

We Offer Two Attorney-Drafted Noncompete Agreements, Detailed Below

Both noncompete agreements come with two pages of additional guidelines, instructions, and information from the drafting attorney.

1) An Employee Noncompete Agreement
Drafted for employers who want help protecting their business interests from employees.

This attorney-drafted agreement contains the essential provisions a noncompete agreement should have to protect the employer’s business.

Our employee/employer noncompete agreement covers the following areas:

  • Restrictions against the employee engaging in a business similar to the employer’s
  • Limits as to the length of time the agreement will be in effect
  • Geographical limitations for the agreement
  • Restrictions against the employee soliciting the employer’s customers
  • Confidentiality and nondisclosure of the employer’s information
  • Right to an injunction by the employer
  • Enforcement of the contract
  • Costs and attorney fees
  • Instructions and information from our attorney

2) A Business-to-Business Noncompete Agreement
Drafted for independent contractors, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, consultants, teachers, instructors, and other individuals or entities from which you are trying to protect your business interests while working with them.

This agreement covers all the topics listed above, plus added details limiting competition, solicitation, and circumvention by the restricted party.

Both non-compete agreements come with 2-pages of additional guidelines, instructions and information from the attorney who drafted it.

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Employee Noncompete Agreement

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Business Noncompete Agreement

Digital Download – $29.95

System Requirements: Any Windows or Macintosh computer that can read word documents.