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Our personal financial statement software is used by those looking to get a loan, buy real estate, file for divorce, plan a budget, or engage in other situations that require a professional looking personal financial statement.

Our personal financial statement software is also used by business owners, investors, tax preparers, financial planners, CPA’s, and accountants.

Lenders, banks, landlords, and other businesses require a personal financial statement to evaluate collateral, assets, and to look at a person’s expenses, long-term liabilities, and net worth.

Our personal financial statement software covers these topics and more:

  • Income
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Monthly expenses
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Net worth
  • Insurance
  • Financial information for individuals and couples
  • Real estate owned (with the ability to list unlimited properties)
  • Vehicles, boats, planes and other assets
  • Personal and home assets
  • Credit card debt
  • Unpaid taxes and liens
  • General debts payable
  • Stocks, bonds and retirement funds
  • Preparer’s information

Our #1 rated software covers important topics that are required by banks, businesses, and courts – including bankruptcy and divorce.

Our personal financial statement software will….

  • Automatically add up all the numbers in each category.
  • Automatically transfer the number from each category to the totals row in both the assets and liabilities column. (Example: You own 10 different pieces of real estate; our software will automatically total the values for all ten properties and then transfer the total to the column for all real estate owned).
  • Calculate both annual and monthly totals for income and expenses.
  • Calculate what percentage of the total the number entered represents.
  • Automatically insert lines as you need them in each category.
  • Print or e-mail your personal financial statement as a PDF document.
  • Create as many personal financial statements as you like, for yourself or others.
  • Password-protect any financial statement you create.
  • Show who prepared the personal financial statement in the preparer’s section.
  • Allow unlimited entries for all categories.
  • Automatically calculate your net worth.

Why is our personal financial statement software the best?

1. Our summary page has features like what percentage of the total each number represents and gives both monthly and annual totals for income and expenses. None of our competitors have these features on their printout or summary page which is the most important part of a personal financial statement.

2. All reports are detailed and easy-to-read.

3. Our personal financial statement software is easier to use than others.

Simply fill in your numbers and all math calculations are automatically done for you. You’re ready to print or email a great looking personal financial statement.

The importance of a professional looking personal financial statement cannot be overstated as most businesses and financial institutions require high quality financial statements. We know this because we have provided customized personal financial statement software to some of them.

What’s the difference between the Preparer’s Version and the Regular Version?

The preparer’s version is for CPAs, accountants, tax preparers, consultants, and others who prepare financial statements for others. Our website copyright notice is not on the printouts. In addition, the preparer’s version gives you a license to create an unlimited amount of personal financial statements for your clients at no additional charge. The regular personal financial statement is for your own personal or business use and our copyright notice is on the bottom of any printouts created.

We have sold thousands of copies of our personal financial statement software, and have thousands of satisfied customers to show for it.

All future updates are FREE. We also provide “Crash Protection”: If your computer ever crashes, you can download the personal financial statement software again FREE.

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