The completed promissory note form is a written agreement promising to pay a specific sum of money at a fixed time, or on demand by a debtor to a lender.

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We offer you three different attorney-drafted promissory notes.

1) Our one-page promissory note is the type you might use for a more casual lending situation (such as with relatives and friends), where your only concern is having a legal record showing you are owed money that is to be paid back.

2) Our two-page, regular promissory note is a popular, flexible, easy-to-use form designed for many situations where a debtor promises to pay back a specific sum of money to the payee over a specified length of time. This regular promissory note will cover the interest rate, late payments, collateral, bankruptcy, and more.

This note can be used for many different situations, such as:

  • Lending a specific sum of money
  • Selling vehicles
  • Selling boats
  • Selling machinery
  • Selling personal property
  • Selling business property

3) Our three-page promissory note is a professional form that can be secured by a mortgage. This note has considerable detail and spells out more specifics than the short and regular promissory notes.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Payments and interest rate
  • Late charges
  • Rights of the holder
  • Liabilities of the maker
  • Options of collateral
  • Breach of any security agreement
  • Defaulting on note
  • Death, dissolution, or liquidation of debtor
  • Collection and attorney fees if needed
  • And more

4) Our three-page security agreement is sometimes used with a promissory note to secure collateral by the lender.

This form spells out the details of the type of collateral, location of collateral, and how the collateral is handled should the debtor default. A security agreement is included with our long promissory note.

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Three-Page Promissory Note With Separate Security Agreement

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