Download and complete your Marital Separation Agreement today with our attorney-drafted, easy-to-use separation agreement for marriage.

Drafted by an attorney for couples wanting to handle their own separation without using an attorney. Complete attorney-drafted instructions are included.

> Attorney drafted forms and instructions
> Immediate download or by priority mail
> Free sample agreement filled out by attorney
> Free guardianship form with sample filled out
> Fill out in the privacy of your home (not online)
> One-time charge

Instant Access

You do not have to fill out your forms online and give out personal information. You can download and complete your marriage separation agreement forms in the privacy of your home. All your information remains private and confidential.

Why it is Important to Have a Written Agreement?

It’s important if you need to provide proof of the date that you separated. A marital separation agreement leaves no doubt about the specifics of your marriage relationship and how you would like your property divided.

Your agreement will also help you settle issues of child custody and support, spousal support, responsibility for debts, taxes and other important issues. Our easy-to-use forms make this task simple and fast to complete.

Finally, to protect both parties, it is better to have a clear written agreement rather than rely on verbal agreements.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Write My Marriage Separation Agreement?

No, couples may fill out their own marital separation agreement without the help from a lawyer. However, in some situations, it may be wise to consult with an attorney or have them review your agreement if you have a complex situation.

Separation agreements are recognized in all states. We offer attorney-drafted marital separation agreements for couples with and without children.

According to the Family Legal Advisor: “The law has generally maintained that if you and your spouse are actually separated, and you no longer live together as husband and wife, any marriage separation agreement you make with each other that is fair, and that provides for the support to the wife, is legal and binding.”

Even if you are planning on using an attorney, experts suggest at least putting together the basics of your marital separation agreement before your visit. You will be better informed, well-prepared, and you could save a considerable amount of money on legal fees.

Our attorney-drafted marital separation agreements are well-written forms and easy-to-use. These agreements cover the following topics:

  • Spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Health insurance
  • Financial obligations
  • Responsibility for debts
  • Pension plans and retirement accounts
  • Financial assets and tax returns
  • Child visitation
  • Custody of children and support

To make filling out your agreement easier there are easy-to-follow instructions from the attorney who drafted the marital separation agreement.

These additional forms come with your separation agreement at no charge:

Property Inventory Sheets

Easy-to-use inventory forms for personal and business property that will be divided between you and your spouse. These forms will save time and limit your chances of forgetting important items under normally stressful circumstances.

Attorney-Drafted Fact Sheet With Commonly Asked Questions

This fact sheet will answer questions you might have about separation, child support, and the courts. It also contains general guidelines for child support and links to web sites where you can access state specific calculators free.

You do not have to fill out your separation agreement online. You may fill out your separation agreement in the privacy of your own home. All your information remains private and confidential.

Short-Term Guardianship Form (Comes with agreement for children only)
A temporary guardianship form to give another adult the temporary guardianship over one’s minor child or children for a specific time period.

Child Visitation Schedule (Comes with agreement for children only)
A sample parenting plan visitation schedule for your children. This professional attorney-drafted child visitation schedule will save you time, money and stress when scheduling which parent your children will stay with and on what days.

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Marital Separation Agreements With Minor Children

Includes the following forms:

  • Marital Separation Agreement
  • Property Inventory Sheets
  • Fact Sheet on Marital Separation
  • Visitation Schedule for Children
  • Temporary Guardianship Form

Digital Download – $49.95

Mailed on USB – $49.95

Marital Separation Agreements Without Minor Children

Digital Download – $49.95

Mailed on USB – $49.95

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