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Do you know what the business you are looking to buy or sell is really worth? Are you relying totally on the appraisal of the business owner or their broker?

The number one mistake buyers and sellers make when buying or business valuation selling an existing business are paying too much or selling for too little. Do not let this potential financial mistake happen to you. At the very least, you can decrease your chances of making a poor decision by getting accurate information.

Although sometimes financial statements need to be adjusted, one thing is certain: if accurate, financial statements are a solid snapshot of the value of any business at any given point in time. This is just one reason why it is important to work with a good CPA when you are looking to buy or sell a business.

Determining a Company’s Value is Not an Exact Science

Businesses are unique and their value cannot be determined by a simple rule of thumb.

Unlike real estate where you can use comparable property sales to determine a home’s value, no accurate method is available for valuing businesses. Although some individuals use this method, businesses are not similar enough and have too many variables to make this an accurate appraisal method.

The smart buyer or seller will normally use more than one valuation method to determine a buying or selling price. Your immediate goal if you are looking to value a business for sale should be to come up with a price from which the buyer and the seller can begin negotiations.

Our business appraisal software is easy to use. Anyone with a basic Windows® computer can use this program to estimate the value of a business. This time-and-money-saving software will help you estimate the value of a business whether it is a traditional or a web-based business.

You do not need to have any special math skills to use and understand our software. The easy-to-use guide walks you through the process step-by-step, and our business valuation software will do all the math calculations for you.

The Program Works Like This:

You enter certain numbers from your business financial statements, customer database, and tax return into the software. If you do not have a customer database, you can still estimate customer value using another method.

The Business Appraisal Software Uses These Valuation Methods

  1. Capitalized Earnings
  2. Tangible Assets
  3. Customer Value
  4. Profits
  5. Intellectual Property

Our business appraisal software will do all the calculations necessary to give you an estimated value of the business you are looking to buy, sell, or evaluate. This easy-to-use program will also show your ROI (return on investment).

After the appraisal software is finished, you can print out a report to show to your bank, accountant, prospective buyer, or anyone else. The report will indicate the estimated value of the business and the procedures used in determining that value.

If you do decide to use a business appraiser or business broker, this business valuation software will let you compare your business appraisal against theirs. Using more than one method when appraising a business will always provide a more accurate value.

Business Appraisal Software as a Management Tool

This program can be used again and again for many “what if” scenarios. At the very least, you will be able to see how decision making can change the value of your business from year to year. This business appraisal software is a great management tool for business owners to use even if they are not going to sell their business anytime soon.

All appraisal reports can be saved for future use, printed, or exported as a PDF file.

If someone should ever offer to buy you out, there’s only one way you’ll know whether their offer is sound: by knowing the approximate value of your business.

Our Business Appraisal Software Package Includes:

1) Business Appraisal Software

2) Step-by-Step Instructions for the Software

3) How Much is My Business Worth: This report explains the business valuation methods used in the software program and the standard methods of valuations used by business appraisers.

4) Guide to Selling Your Business: This report gives you a review of the process of selling a business and explains how to put together a “Business Presentation Package.” This report also includes a checklist for information the business owner should give to potential buyers and tips on advertising your business for sale.

5) Confidentiality Agreement: This agreement helps protect your confidential information when discussing your business with potential buyers.

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