A well-thought-out child visitation schedule or parenting plan can be an important tool for easing the stress of divorce and marital separation for not only the parents but for the child or children involved.

For the benefit of everyone, it is better to have a clear written schedule rather than rely on verbal agreements.

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A child visitation schedule will enable the parents to know week by week what days and times are designated for visitation by each parent. If scheduling changes need to be made, times can easily be adjusted to accommodate special circumstances for either parent. (We offer a temporary guardianship form separately)

This professional attorney-drafted child visitation schedule is the same one used by our family law attorney. These child visitation guidelines will save you time, money, and stress when scheduling which parent your children will stay with on what days and times.

This child visitation schedule covers the following topics:

  • Weekday and weekend visiting times.
  • Holiday visitation schedule for the year.
  • Summer vacation and other vacations.
  • Transportation arrangements for the child.
  • Telephone contact between parent and child.
  • Communication between parents.
  • Changes in schedule.
  • Settling disagreements and more.

The child visitation schedule comes in rich text word format. Making changes is quick and easy to do on any computer.

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Child Visitation Schedule

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